so for Sara`s 21st birthday we had a compulsory class with our on site coordinator Rayna, who thought it was important to know the ins and outs of Australian culture. So I had the slightly unpleasant experience of trying Vegemite. Which is a brown paste that the Aussies here go crazy for. After doing a bit of fear factor I got to eat Tim Tams, which made the whole Vegemite experience a very distant memory. Rayna and Jason got Sara a cake to make it a very special day. After our class and a loud chorus of happy birthday, we took a detour to the local McDonalds where we got a treat and caused some mayhem.  Then we headed to bar on the hill to have a BBQ and some Karaoke. Of course being the loud and proud Americans we went first in karaoke, singing "my milkshake" (by request of Sara). Then we fallowed it up with Sweet Caroline (Durkee) who had a front row view to the show as we serenaded her. I actually met someone who is friends with one of my AXO sisters and met a  guy from Zimbabwe and a group of people from Germany. Also I was taught a few phrases in french by my new friend Elouen. Lets just say he had a good laugh at me trying to copy what he said. haha. 
ill catch you later mates =] 

my face clearly says it all...... but FEAR FACTOR HERE I COME
clearly the love of my life...TIM TAMS FOR DAYS!
the mayhem caused...
happy birthday SARA!!!!! 

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