So we just got through our first day of orientation. we got to see just a fraction of the number of students that are on this campusthere are 49 countries represented by the international student body which we meet today. I met some americans who live in a flat nearby. Then i met a really nice guy who is from Switzerland, and he has the a really interesting name (Elouen). Then we got some very cool goodie bags, but I was kinda upset with the fact that the mug we got does not have the university emblem  on it, but hey its free! Wow, I have offically become a poor struggling college student. something that is never felt at HPU with our full size beds and meal plans. We got free lunch at the Bar on the Hill and got to listen to a live band. Everyone seems so nice and down to earth and welcoming. Also we met some cold blooded friends. They were so cute! I got to hold a bearded dragon but we saw a turtle and diamond back python and a blue tongue lizard. Also i have discovered my new obsesion over here in AUSSIE land... They are called TimTams and they are like a mouse chocolate version of Kit-Kats! They are honestly to die for and I am totally hooked. 
my cold blooded bearded friend. 
the type of snake that roam around my campus... YIKES!

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