today we went to a footy game which is what the Australians call rugby. While we were getting our tickets, a women came up to me and gave me a free ticket. She had bought the ticket to watch the national anthem and didn't want to stay for the game. Her kindness and generosity caught me a little off guard especially when she didn't want money for the tickets. In America usually they would be fake or someone is scalping their ticket, but this was not the case. It was a genuine random act of kindness that really showed how kind and friendly the people of Australia actually are. 
Our program coordinator Jason told us we should root for the New Castle Knights, who were playing against the Sydney Roosters. In my personal opinion Im not sure how intimidating a rooster is, but whatever they are called these guys where HUGE! Unfortunately our knights were blown out by the roosters.... 12-28. Other then our team loosing it was such a great game! The atmosphere was great between the cheering between the two team`s fans. Australians really know how to support their team, wether it was a super hero costume or flags and banners or just simply the colors of their team (what we did). Everyone was enthusiastic which only made the game more fun. I have a feeling that footy/ rugby will be my replacement for american football while Im over here.  If I dare say it I think I like it a bit more then football. Since there is a constant running clock there is a fast pace of game and the team is very passionate which is partly fueled  by the fans (I really wish I knew the chats besides NEW-CASTLE). but man these guys were rough for the lack of padding and protection . The best part is fighting and being rough is completely "legal".  I defiantly plan on attending more games! Especially since after the game you can go on the field and play around and run around! it would be SO cool to see what the stadium looks like from the players perspective! 

representing blue and red for the knights at the stadium =]
the knights after the scored...( which was rare)
protecting Australia one footy game at a time!
my flatmates for the next 4 months

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