Hello america! I'm

Going on my first adventure! I leave for Melbourne... in just 3 short hours  I will be getting on a 3 hour train to Sydney. Wait in the airport for precisely 7 hours and begin my adventure! Yeah I know the 7 hours in an airport doesn't seem very thrilling but regardless! Melbourne here I come! It's still crazy to think I've been here for over a month! And every day I find more reasons to fall in love with being here. The beach. The people.. Everything! I'm so luck to be in one of the most beautiful places ever! But as for Melbourne I've heard nothing but good things! I'm traveling with 6 other girls but we are visiting Phillips island and the penguins and the great ocean road! I still wake up every once in a while and still think I'm back in the states and haven't left yet! And don't get me wrong i miss home but I'm not in quite a rush to get back just yet! Sorry mom and dad and Liz!!!! 

Packed and ready! T-minus 3hours!!! ❤❤❤❤

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