So this Sunday Rayna and Jason 15 of us and their kids went to Oakvale farm. Where we saw koalas, kangaroos, dingos, wallabies, camels and a wide variety of animals. Some we got to touch and others we didn't. We took a bus to get there and it was a little hole in the wall farm that was absolutely worth my 4.60 spent to get there! As fun as it is to see baby goats and lambs and cows and other farm animals. The group as a whole was more excited about the feeding of the kangaroos and wallabies and patting the koala. Going into this small field with wallabies and kangaroos was a bit daunting. If anyone has seen the movie kangaroo jack you would understand my apprehension. With my bag of feed in hand, we started taking selfies and photo ops with the 30 some odd jacks. And it was nothing like kangaroo jack for the record except the movies portrayal of kangaroo and how each one had their own separate personality.. Some where outgoing and friendly and other were more extroverted and tended to done and dash after tentatively eating some of the feed. When you gave them a pat they were fluffy and soft and the same feeling went for the sleepy koalas we pet. But regardless I got a great picture with the joeys. But   I got some really great pictures with a kangaroo that I named hank on the count he eat like it was his last meal and was quite the ladies man. Let just say he put some moves on me. Haha. Hank in fact was so hungry he proceeded to stick his head in my feed back and then ended up eat part of my feed bag. After my lovely encounter with Hank I fed a camel and some miniature horses but stayed away from the alpacas and llamas because I wasn't sure which one spits and I didn't want to take my chances.  After spending time with the more exotic animals I got surrounded and feed mugged by some very cute and pushing goats! After a long day that concluded with ice cream (not from McDonald) we went home and got ready for our third week of uni. Which. Is crazy how fast the time is flying.... Honestly it feels like we have only been here for a week! Ahhh where did the time go! For more pictures of my trip to the farm see Facebook!

a cute joey and I bonding.
Roo loving
im quite popular with the kangaroos

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