going to class my first day was honestly not too bad. Partly because I knew the general area I had to go and also I had my first class with Caroline (thank god). Our Australian Pop Culture class was a little intimidating, since we still don`t completely understand all the terminology and we are not familiar with their major figures or movie stars etc. So a lot of looks were exchanged between Caroline and I. Also there is an Australian slang word for someone who is the equivalence to our redneck or hick, its called a Brogan. They tend to have VERY thick accents and usually can be found walking around campus and stores without shoes. Even though i have no idea what Triple J or what a Bugler is I feel like I will get to know the culture so much more. But it seems like certain Areas of Australia are stuck in a time warp, where going to uni (university) is rare and major like history are not considered practical or as useful. A lot of people in my age group over here will not attend uni but will going into manual labor of some type and tend to be married earlier in life then back home. Which is crazy because Australians socially are more accepting of different people. By different I mean they accept gay & lesbian rights and race or looking different is almost not noticed (granted this is not always the case but the grand majority feel that way of equality). For instance, I was grocery shopping and I passed a guy where no shoes, where in America they would not be let in the store he was casually grocery shopping and locals payed no attention to his lack of shoes.  
As for my second day of class it was almost like a test. I had a 8 am lecture, which means getting up at 6 and catching the 6:47 train into uni. This time I did not have with anyone I knew and I was a big girl and walked and took the train without any glitches. However, buildings are not opened until about 7:30. so I got a really nice security gaurd by the name of Tony to let me in early. So I caught the right train, I found the right building , I found the right classroom......BUT for some reason only one other girl showed up and the teacher didn't even show up... BUT it my schedule said to be there so I was there! SO TECHNICALLY I passed getting places on my own. But i didn't really know what to do other than go to the Library so I spend time there until my next class with Rayna (program mentor). So yes mom I am learning! But the coolest thing about my class with Rayna is we talk about our excursions!!! like Septemeber 14 we are doing the Sydney Bridge climb and we are going to the opera house. Then in the next up coming weeks we are going to a place where we can see wild Koalas and Kangaroos and all those types of critters! I cant wait to actually start traveling! 


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