So a couple nights back my roommate Melissa and I were down at a pub watching the Liverpool soccer game and meet two guys who told us all the ins and outs of being an Aussie... Like don't say shrimp on the barby.. Because nobody knows what it means. We found out one of our new friends spent some time in the states and loved bud light...( you can't get it in Australia).

But today we got an invite to go to a BBQ and their place and meet some locals. So of course we said yes. And mom before you go and freak out about stranger danger and all that. We made sure they were upstanding citizens. So we were talking and one of our flat mates was kidding around and said to watch out they might try to feed you kangaroo... And as a matter of fact I tried my first roo-dog. Their apartment was on a hill side where we got to see the sun set and see the whole city of newcastle lit up! It was so pretty! However the walk to the apartment was a bit more dodgy. But we chatted with our new friends about the differences of Australia and America which was really Interesting and was a very fun time.

BBQ time
Sunset at the bbq
New castle


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